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What is USRPT?

Ultra short race pace training was initially researched and documented in 2011 by Professor Emeritus Brent S. Rushall. It is a technique orientated system using a high intensity short work/short rest training format. The strict focus on technique and psychology, together with a training format that stimulates both the anaerobic and aerobic systems, leads to faster performance improvements and better race results.



When you swim at your race pace, your technique changes and the energy systems your body uses changes. HIgh Intensity, not volume or frequency, is proven to improve swimming performance as it forces the body to use energy sources more efficiently. This is not achieved in slower high volume swim training.  USRPT is the format of training that yields the greatest carry-over to competitive swimming events. 

I offer USRPT Plans for medium and long distance swimmers, elite or just starting out, training for indoor or open water, 14 years old or 60 years old,- USRPT can be adapted to all levels of swimmers. I will work with you to ensure your technique and race pace improves and gives you the edge over others.

Join SwimFit Midlothian USRPT online or at Dalkeith Community Campus. All members will be supported through a 4 to 8 week transition programme from Traditional Training to USRPT to ensure you are both physically and mentally ready to train at race pace. (length dependent upon no. of hours you train pw and your fitness starting point). Following transition, your USRPT training plan will rotate through 8 technique based microcycles to improve movement efficiency whilst increasing pace and distance. There is no slow practices of technique – Only Race Pace!

If you require USRPT Sprint Training for ages 8+, please complete the USRPT contact form.

Not training for an event? Want to try USRPT for the challenge, fitness and discipline? Read on to find a training plan option to suit you.


Ready to Train Fast? Complete the USRPT contact form.


   Online 3 Month Training Plan   Online USRPT Membership  Club USRPT Membership
Initial Phone Consultation  Y Y
Transition Training Programme Y (copy via email) Y (copy via email) Y (through coached sessions)
8 Week USRPT Training Plan Y (copy via email) N N
Fluid USRPT Training Plan N Y (copy via email)  Y (through coached sessions)
Set weekly email contact Y
Mental Strategies: Pre Race Y Y
Mental Strategies: During the Race N Y Y
1x Performance Review call per month   Y N
Performance Data Analysis (once per month)   Y (copy via email) Y
2x Coached Pool training sessions pw   Y
Price £100 (one off purchase) £62 per month £68 per month

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