Swimfit Midlothian takes your privacy seriously and will protect your personal information through secure storage.

How Your Information is used: The information you provide for yourself and/or your child will be used for the following reasons:

  • Contractual Purposes – to provide the session you have requested, communicate with you about this session, any changes to the terms and conditions and to issue invoices where applicable.
  • Legitimate Interests – to ensure you and/or your child is well supported and within a safe environment whilst participating in Swimfit Midlothian Sessions. This includes:
  • Carrying Out Any Relevant Risk Assessments:
    • It is vital that you share any relevant medical information that may place you or other members at risk of harm during participation of Swimfit Midlothian Sessions. We will ask for your agreement to undertake any appropriate assessments
  • Identifying reasonable adjustments and adaptions to support inclusion:
    • If you and/or your child has a disability or special needs, we will review the information you provide to help identify any actions we can take to support inclusion
  • Maintaining class attendance registers and contact details for emergency purposes
  • Responding to comments, queries and questions.
  • Legal Reasons – to comply with applicable laws and protect Swimfit Midlothian’s interests and legal rights. This may include the use of your information relating to legal claims and compliance.
  • Sharing Your Information – Swimfit Midlothian will not share your personal information with any 3rd parties except in emergency circumstances where it is believed that the sharing of information about you is vital to protect you, your child or another person.
  • Individual Rights – You can update your personal information at any time during your membership to ensure the most up to date emergency contact details, medical history and medication details are disclosed. You will also be requested to provide an annual update of this information. Upon cancellation of your membership, your personal details will be kept on file for 30 days and then deleted and/or destroyed except where there is a lawful reason to continue to hold your data.


Filming & Photography: The use of videos and photographs is an important development tool. It allows instant playback to you, the member, and enables movement analysis by the coach. Videos and photographs also play a key role in marketing on the company’s website and social media. You will always be advise when photography is due to take place prior to the class starting.

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