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Training the Fundamental Movement Patterns of Life and Sport

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Everyone needs to move well not only to reduce injury in sport, but to support the aging process and maintain flexibility, mobility, stability and strength. Increase your range of movement and overall strength and power with SwimFit Midlothian Bodyweight Classes.

Bodyweight Training – Dynamic multidimensional strength development.

If you would like to develop your overall strength through progressive functional movements, bodyweight training is a great place to start. All ages, young or old, rehabilitation or recovery are encouraged to take part. Everyone will have their own starting point, progress at their own speed and achieve their own ‘personal bests’. All movements can be adapted to fit your current ability and you will be supported and encouraged throughout your journey.  Together we will focus your trunk stability, sometimes referred to as ‘Pillar Strength’ and learn to brace. In bracing technique there is no attempt to decrease the diameter of the waist (suck you belly button to your back bone), only to activate muscles. This is a natural response of your core muscles, used to lift a heavy object or any push / pull action. Core is balance, co-ordination, stabilisation and positioning. 

For those who seek a more demanding training session, Bodyweight Loaded is the next step. Here we will train the major muscle groups and physiological system by loading the fundamental movements. Whether you are training for performance or training for life, this class will provide you with the movement and capacity to take on your next challenge.

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