“I really recommend SwimFit with Lisa. The classes are welcoming and friendly. I feel like my swimming has really improved since attending. Lisa has given great advice as to how to improve all strokes. She gives individual attention within the group setting and is really encouraging. It is an excellent work out and the changing sets keeps it interesting.”

  Wednesday Adult Fitness Class Member


“Have really enjoyed the classes so far .I have tried classes before but have only stayed for about 2weeks !I think the main reason is your calm manner and encouragement. The fact that you are both in the water with us really helps .I have never felt foolish in class and always feel that you both give out an air of real positivity and encouragement.

I am really looking forward to progressing and can now even imagine myself swimming with my grandsons.”

   Sunday Non Swimmer Member


“My kids love coming to your classes as they have went from basic swimmers to complete competent swimmers. I was personally emotional seeing my little girl after a few weeks with you.

My little boy has improved on all levels. I feel so proud when I take them swimming and this is down to you.

Your simply awesome at what you do!! Thank you.”

      Sunday 8+ Improvers & Teen Fitness Members


“I love the sessions. We know how good swimming is for our physical and mental health. It's a very safe form of exercise as well but gives you that constant level of resistance whatever type of training or drills you are doing. Lisa's sessions challenge your fitness, working within your own ability and there is lovely supportive group of swimmers with you in the pool. Lisa gives great feedback but always gives everyone something positive in every session. For me, its like club training but without club pressures. As a teenager I always loved training but was never competitive. Swimfit is the perfect fit  ”

    Adult Fitness Multipass Member


“Before starting at Teenfit (my daughter) lacked fitness and body confidence and also thought she was rubbish at physical activity. As she has progressed her fitness has increased massively and she has really gained body confidence. She always comes out happy and buzzing and is now happy to give physical activities a go as she has learnt that practice really helps when learning a new skill. 

Thanks for all you do for (my daughter). It really has and continues to make a huge difference.”

   Thursday and Sunday Teen Fitness Member


“(my son) loves coming to swimming now, as you know he didn't really like swimming before we changed to your class. He is at the age where he wants to keep fit and knows how important that is, it's very relaxed and not really busy which (he) likes!”

     Thursday Teen Fitness Member


“I love coming to the sessions because of the structure, and the push that you give us. Every session there is a different focus that pushes me out of my comfort zone, pushes me to dig deep and swim better, stronger and faster. Something I simply would never achieve if I was independently going for a swim for fitness.

It also makes me feel young again eg. I haven’t done swim training like this since I was 21 (at university) and it reminds me what I could do, what I did, and surprisingly what I still can do! 

You are encouraging, give really great feedback but also don’t let us slack. The other swimmers are friendly and encouraging too. I wish I had found you sooner.”

    Thursday Adult Fitness Member


“My child is ten years old.  This is a difficult age, especially since they are no longer children but also not teenagers yet. In addition, the 'perfect body' is highly promoted in the media and the social environment.  Many children, including mine, are ashamed of even being a little overweight; this shame and emotions make children think they are ugly and unattractive.  Swimming lessons gave my child confidence and willingness to exercise.  My child enjoys every minor achievement in swimming.”

  Sunday 8+ Improvers Member

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